agileStreams offers consulting in process, organization, purchasing, automation, and supports you in your packaging and printing, print and digital duties. We also support you in strategic positioning missions. We deliver services during a seminar, trade show, or any other event with internal or external scope. We write for you white papers on various fields, such as packaging or digital.

Our method

« Evaluate and Benchmark » : expression of needs – evaluation of existing solutions

Existing Process

« In an ideal world… » : no constraints – have a long-term strategic vision

"Blue Sky" Process

« How far, but not too far… » : costs – too much HR impact – heavy system

Reasonable Process

The agileStreams method consists of evaluating the existing process and measure the gap between existing and ideal process (aka « blue sky »).
The analysis of the gap and the constraints allows to define a reasonable process, balance point between the existing process and the ideal process.
The difference between the existing process and the reasonable process provides improvement, where the difference between the reasonable process and the ideal process would lead to deterioration.


Thanks to our strong expertise, we can help you understand the complexity of the Packaging market.

We have supported some of the biggest names in Cosmetics (L’Oréal Group, Clarins Group, Groupe Rocher) in reorganizing their processes and tools for packaging management. We also analyzed the purchasing process of the graphic chain (benchmark) and contributed to cost optimization. We also served at the organizational level, evaluating the people in charge of the packaging coordination and accompanying them in their personal development.


We can help you in the following services:

  • process analysis
  • tools/systems evaluation
  • organization (HR)
  • tenders
  • purchasing benchmark

We invest a lot in research and development on extended packaging, and can help you understand the data streams conveyed next to the packaging graphic development process and offer you solutions to integrate this component in your processes.

We are specialists in the management of packaging data for their reuse in eCommerce contexts, especially for commercial websites.

Augmented Reality (AR) will soon be ubiquitous and brands will need to produce enriched content. Completely dedicated to innovation, agileStreams has an established expertise on these issues and accompanies you in the successful implementation of your projects.

We can offer :

  • Definition of a communication strategy using Augmented Reality
  • Origination of graphic assets in augmented reality
  • Tracking and analysis of augmented reality projects data

You want to work on customization project of graphic files for publishing, printing on demand, Packaging or Textile. We assist you in setting up your project by analyzing your needs, studying the most appropriate solution and implementing the project from kick-off to launch and roll-out.

Our expertise in variable data has allowed us to help customers automate the production of customized files, reduce production lead times and gain market share.

Cross-media publishing has become a must for publishers. We can assist you in selecting the best solution for your needs and manage the implementation of the project.

  • Needs analysis
  • Solution choice
  • Implementation
  • Training of teams