We are experts in developing tailor-made solutions for the graphic chain. When no solution of the market meets your needs or when your project is particular and requires a specific answer, we develop the solution answering your needs.

As long-time experts in Adobe software developments, we are able to produce the following products:

  • Automation scripts (Javascript/ExtendScript)
  • Extensions (HTML/JS)
  • Plugins scripting (EasyCatalog, Xtags…)

The use of scripts and plugins can really boost production. One of our customers got a productivity increase by 400%!

Enfocus and callas software delivers incredible solutions for productivity of the Printers. However, some processes may require special processing through a script or an app. Our expertise allows us to provide:

  • Development of JavaScript scripts for Enfocus Switch
  • Development of apps (configurator) for Enfocus Switch*
  • JavaScript Processes for Callas PDFToolBox
  • Converting HTML/JS to PDF with Callas PDFChip
  • Extraction of color sequence in PDF files
  • Injection of project data in XMP for reuse outside of production flows
  • Extract of content in PDF files for reuse

* agileStreams has developed the Enfocus Switch Caldera configurators.

We can serve you on any type of Web 2 Print project by developing your solution around the following technologies:

  • Web Portal with Pressero (see integration)
  • Web Portal with HTML to PDF conversion using open source librairies
  • Web Portal with high-quality HTML to PDF conversion using Callas PDFChip
  • Web Portal using Adobe InDesign Server

The “perfect” solution is the one answering your needs, budget and specifications.