We are specialists in automation software, databases, PDF and color management solutions, which we integrate according to precise specifications to meet your needs.

At the end of an exploration phase of your processes and tools, we define the functional scope of the tailor-made solution that best meets your needs. We strive to make the most of the solutions already in place in your infrastructure and integrate them with the best technological options at the best cost to offer you a sustainable and economically viable solution.

Our expertise

We are specialists in the Enfocus Switch automation solution, which we have successfully deployed to a large number of customers, in a variety of contexts:

  • digital publishing and print
  • production agency
  • brand owner
  • packaging

The great versatility of Switch allows us to answer any problem, and its modular and open architecture allows us to control any external solution, through the integrated configurators of the solution, the command line interface or even via a specific script development.

We connect Switch to databases and expand the tool’s capabilities by reading and writing data between Switch and these databases, linking the graphical files and raw data of your workflow.

We implement data management strategies according to the ETL principle (Extract, Transform, Load) allowing to consolidate the data coming from multiple sources (databases, XML, CSV or Excel files) and to process them all along your process. We particularly are using Talend OpenStudio.

The interaction with Switch allows to process the data at the same time as the graphic files:

  • content extraction from graphic files for database injection
  • data extraction from database for XMP injection in files
  • XML file conversion using XSLT

We are resellers, integrators and trainers of EasyCatalog from our partner 65Bits Sofware. This plugin makes it possible to automate the layout of structured documents such as catalogs, data sheets or directories. Your price, dimension, and quantity data are then injected without error and with a maximum rate of efficiency and performance into your InDesign document.

With our strong expertise, we can help you to:

  • automatically produce your documents with EasyCatalog
  • train your teams on the plugin

Tired of exhausting yourself in mounting catalogs manually and in a hurry? Contact-us !