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Our courses

The graphic chain

  • Roles and tasks of each stakeholder of the graphic chain


Basics notions

  • Color & Color Management
  • Printing
  • Proofing
  • Separations – screening – dot gain
  • Knock-out, overprint, trapping


File formats

  • Native formats
  • PDF format: versions, standards
  • Image formats
  • Recommendations for use

Understanding PDF

  • Advantages and disadvantages of PDF
  • The different versions of PDF
  • PDF/X & Ghent Workgroup Standards
  • Font management in PDF
  • PDF tools


  • preflight tools
  • preflight with native applications (Illustrator, InDesign)
  • preflight with Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • preflight with Enfocus PitStop Pro
  • preflight with Callas PDFToolbox
  • preflight specifications

PDF format

  • Advantages and disadvantages of PDF
  • The different versions of PDF
  • PDF/X standards
  • GWG quality standards

PDF creation

  • Recommended methods for PDF creation
    • Distiller settings
    • Use and setting of Adobe PDF virtual printer
    • PDF creation from Adobe Creative Cloud applications
    • Other PDF creation methods (especially Connect You)

Enfocus Connect You

  • Set up connectors
    • Preflight settings
    • Delivery settings
    • Connectors design
    • Creative Cloud integration
  • Connectors use
    • from existing files (convert)
    • directly from Creative Cloud

Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • Edit PDF file
    • Acrobat interface and preferences
    • Edit PDF documents: insert, extract, replace and crop of pages, thumbnails
    • Text modification
    • Correction and modification with Acrobat, Illustrator/ Photoshop and with PitStop plugin
    • Text and images extract from PDF
  • Verify and validate PDF documents
    • Prepress and printing, PDF workflow
    • “ Prepress ” menu
    • Output Preview
    • Preflight panel

Enfocus PitStop Professional

  • PitStop Pro tools
    • Interface and preferences
    • Color settings
    • PDF custom display
  • Preflight profile
    • Preflight profile: creation and working principle
    • Preflight report description
  • ” last minute ” corrections
    • Inspector and its tools
    • Global changes, page layout
  • Action lists
    • Edit and principle
    • Import and export “ .eal ” files
    • Combination of profile and action list

Enfocus PitStop Server

  • Creation and setup of hot folder
    • Importing profiles and action lists from PitStop Professional
    • Correction workflow and corrections
  • XML import in Adobe InDesign
  • JavaScript development for Adobe InDesign
  • Extension development for Adobe products
  • Automated layout of structured documents with EasyCatalog
  • Javascript development for PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat

Enfocus Switch

Design, test and modify flows

  • flow designer interface
  • modules connection
  • modules setting

Detailed description, setting and implementation

  • basic elements (folders, connectors, hierarchy, generic application)
  • tools (compression, pause, rename, route, sort, trash)
  • communication (FTP send and receive, mail send and receive)
  • processing (setting of external applications)
    • Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XPress, PitStop Server,…

Implementation of advanced routing techniques and app control

  • use of naming convention
  • use of variables
  • use of metadata
  • use of database / ODBC link

Interaction with Switch Client

  • user rights management
  • jobs submit
  • checkpoint
  • use of metadata and interaction with client

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