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Founded in 2018, agileStreams was born out of the merger of bleuprocess and Ozalto Productivity.
Our consultants are offering their expertise to the Industry for more than 25 years!


Jean Ulrich, Founder and President

Supply Chain Expert, Jean brings his in-depth knowledge of the Retail and the Consumer Product Goods Industries

Christian Blaise, Founder and CEO

Recognized expert in Project Management for graphic chain, Christian implements operational strategies for Print and Packaging

Loïc Aigon, Founder and CTO

Expert in production workflow automation, Loic builds tailor-made solutions for DTP & Prepress

Corinne Breig, Executive Assistant

Corinne takes care of the administrative and accounting management of the company

Vinod Kirouchenamourty, Consultant

Digital Publishing specialist, Vinod brings his knowledge of content creation and app development tools

Frédéric Sanuy, Senior Consultant

Recognized DAM expert, Frédéric brings all his expertise on Marketing and Communication data management