Managing filenames across systems and between departments is not always easy.
There so many cases where filenames are generating problems; transfer from platform to platform (e.g. between Mac and Windows), upload to a webserver, etc.

You probably have encountered these issues many times…


Filename Cleaner Pro is for you!

Filename Cleaner Pro offers string manipulations to change case, replace unwanted characters (such as space, diacritics* , ligatures or reserved characters ), truncate filenames.
This allows making filenames suitable for the web, compatible between platforms (for file transfer or archive), or any use case where there is a need of standardizing filenames.

People already using Filename Cleaner Pro cannot live without it anymore!

We work with a lot of people, both internally and externally, and it was always a nightmare between editors who need a recognizable name for their files and prepress who need standardized filenames (for FTP, OPI, archive, etc.).

Thanks to Filename Cleaner Pro, we can keep recognizable names for editors but automatically generate suitable filenames for our systems. With the original name embedded in XMP, we can always go back to it if needed.

It is best of both worlds!

Damien Bonis, Business Applications Manager, Glénat Production

There are several string manipulations that can be done with Filename Cleaner Pro. They can be combined so that multiple changes can be processed simultaneously. All properties can be ignored, so that you can build your own configuration for the renaming process.

Filename Cleaner Pro can:

  • rename complete filename or filename proper
  • convert diacritics* & ligatures
  • change case
  • convert or remove spaces
  • convert or remove reserved characters
  • truncate filename proper
  • remember original filename as private data
  • embed original filename as XMP

* a diacritic is a glyph added to a letter that somehow alters its pronunciation and which appears above, below, within or between letters — French uses five diacritics: the grave, acute, and circumflex accents, as well as the cedilla and dieresis.


Enjoy your new “rename superpowers”!

Subscription: $250 per year
Perpetual: $700

Filename Cleaner Pro is available in English and French.

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